Why Choose Bone China?

You may think I am being biased when I say tea always tastes better from a bone china mug, but there is science behind it.

Aren’t all ceramics the same, I hear you say? Yes sort of, all ceramic items are made of clay and fired in a kiln. However the composition of the clay, manufacturing processes and the temperature they are fired at will determine the ceramic’s properties, so not all ceramic mugs and cups are equal when serving up your favourite hot beverage.

Bone china is very similar to porcelain, both can be formed in the lightweight shapes that are strong and durable. Mugs and cups with a thinner lip transfer liquid into your mouth in a smoother manner, allowing your taste buds to experience the maximum exposure. Bone china also retains hear and is non-porous so is very easy to clean and does not leach into your drink.

All these properties give you a hotter and better tasting cup of tea or coffee.

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